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I made a powerpoint of why I’m mad about the Korra pull. I understand it’s not cancelled (thank god), but I’m still upset.

please nickelodeon


This is pisses me off

…okay, hold the fuck on here guys.

This is like comparing fucking south park to the simpsons.

It’s two completely different audiences.

Nickelodeon, does NOT have much of an audience base for the age group Korra is aimed at, why? Because, almost all the shows that play on nick are shows aimed at the age group that DOES enjoy a yellow square making annoying noises.

Maybe, maybe if Korra were showing on cartoon network, it would be worthwhile, because it happens to show cartoons that also appeal to a slightly higher age demographic. The thing is though, of the age group that it IS actually aimed at (Pretty much 14-15+ years, simply because of the themes are aimed at a higher age group, fun fact: Most kids dont give too many hoots about how much depth a character has, and even less about constant love triangles), most of them would just prefer to watch other shows.

This is NOT because of advertisement as a very good portion of the people who would want to watch this show (And a large chunk of these people are people who grew up watching ATLA) know full well that the show exists, it’s more because the show just isn’t as reliably good, and isn’t designed for casual watching at a young age.

Now, I’m sure, if you’re a fan of korra, you’re probably a fan of ATLA, now, ATLA was GREAT. It had a huge portion of all of the good bits of korra (Strong female characters, really good representation of the handicapped/racial representation/all that jazz) and even better, especially for the kids, it. was. FUN. It had silly, ridiculous childish fun. And fun fact about childish stuff: Children LIKE IT.Korra, does this a loooooot less, it’s pretty much exclusively reserved for bolin’s antics occasional, and the rare side story with the fart kid.

In addition to this, ATLA’s plot, was very loose, there was a lot of filler, and until the end, most kids could figure out the general gist of what was going on, even if they had missed a lot of leadup.

That means, if you missed a few episodes, stopped watching for a bit, needed to go out, wanted to visit a friend, whatever, you could still have a really good grasp on what was going on.

Korra doesn’t do that, korra’s plot is thick and constant, if you miss an episode, the next episode will likely make a lot less sense. And moreso, you cant start watching halfway through the season, it just doesn’t work.

Combine this, with the fact that of the audience who is going to religiously watch it (Aka: teenagers who grew up with ATLA and are really psyched for the brand new revamp of the series), a large portion of them, will be sorely dissapointed, and you get a show that is simply not feasible to continue producing.

Why will people be dissapointed?

Because, as much as I will likely recieve hatemail for this: it’s just not that good. At this point, this is opinion of course, but it’s an opinion I am most certainly not alone in.

Put simply:

The plot is riddled with holes, pulls deus ex machina’s out of its ass like god decided to start a proctology business, and uses tired, frustrating cliche riddled love triangles (and other equally frustrating relationship issues) to help push the already nonsensical plot, rewriting the universe set by the original avatar as it goes.

Now, dont get me wrong, the show had some good bits, for example, season two had Avatar Wan’s story, the art style, plot line, and general tone of which, was phenomenal, but this was (Unfortunately for everyone involved) followed by the season 2 conclusion, which was, I am going to be quite honest, an absolute disgrace to Avatar name.

I’m not saying the show should be cancelled mid season, I think it deserves to close it’s own book, but I am saying that there is a lot of reasons for them to do so, and it’s not just because “Korra’s not advertised”, and bashing on children’s cartoons doesn’t make that any less true.

TL;DR: Korra is a show that largely suffers from poor writing, cant properly reach their target audience, not because of lack of advertising, but because the audience is simply not there, and utilizes a show structure that is terribly optimized for childrens television.

Spongebob is a useless, and honestly ridiculous comparrison, and belittling the themes and art style of a show made for young children in order to boost a show made for teens and young adults, is frankly so dumb I had to write out this whole goddamn fucking rant because it was that goddamn illogical.


The Women of Hyrule Warriors; Zelda, Impa, Cia, Lana, Agitha, & Midna. 

Guess what: There’ve been a few more.

Ruto, Fi and sheik are now all playable characters.

And, for those thinking “But sheik is zelda, so that’s not anything new”

I dont know what exactly is going on here, but shiek is somehow meeting zelda with Impa in tow and I am more than a little bit excited to find out how and why.




look at that starry sky in the background.  this is something that happened after sunset.

meta knight met, at night, meta knight

Meta knight met meta knight at night.

What a meta night.




You know sweatpants?

In Australia we call them trakky-dacks. 

im starting to think you aussies are just fucking with us

we actually aren’t and that’s the horrendous part.

It’s cause they’re also called tracksuit paints.

And in australia, dacks are pants, sooo, yeah, that’s that.




can a dinosaur even get more fuckin rad?


you bet jurassican

i am so impressed by that dinosaur and that pun congratulations

The only thing I remember from my university organizational behaviour class, was that there was one person in my class that was super into comics and stuff, loved DC, but didn’t like Marvel because it was “Too unrealistic” or some bullshit.

Like, that coming from someone who just professed to love DC comics. Like..Holy fucking shit.

Now, I’m not a huge comic nut, honestly, I’m just not, but holy fucking shit, I am totally into reading in about dumbass plot lines and fucked up universes, and the day DC loses the “Unrealistic” award to Marvel, is the day fucking duck quazar overlords take over the world using giant radioactive eel monsters.

Never before have I had to try so hard to not completely derail a university class in my entire life.


So I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that while it kind of sucks from a production standpoint that Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon got killed off immediately, within the universe it makes perfect sense because Leatherback and Otachi were designed SPECIFICALLY to kill the three remaining Jaegars.

I mean, Otachi’s acid was clearly a counter to Cherno’s seemingly impenetrable armour, and her tail was to take advantage of Crimson’s telescopic conn-pod that restricted peripheral vision. Leatherback is basically Otachi’s support, his EMP blast is designed to disable Striker Eureka in particular because the Kaiju Masters know she’s too strong of a Jaegar to take on with brute force.

Cherno and Crimson didn’t die because the pilots sucked, they were the victims of a meticulously designed strike team. It would have been a really one-sided fight but the Masters didn’t anticipate humanity’s trump card: Gipsy Danger, an analogue Jaegar brought back from the dead.

I mean when you consider that the Kaiju are as intelligently designed in-universe as the Jaegars, a whole bunch of stuff makes a lot more sense: like, why Slattern, Scunner and Raiju are so ‘vanilla’ compared to Leatherback and Otachi. Gipsy’s return was such a surprise that the Kaiju Masters couldn’t anticipate what else humanity have up their sleeve: for all they knew, there could have been half a dozen restored Jaegars just waiting to launch a final assault on the Breach. So when they created the Category 5, they decided to focus on pure strength, speed and size to keep the Kaiju adaptable, instead of wasting time on specific biological weapons that could backfire.

Conversely, it also explains why Jaegar pilots would save their arsenal instead of using all their weapons immediately. Striker’s overuse of its potent chest missiles lead to a direct counter in Leatherback, and notice that Slattern’s first move is to go straight for the chest. Mako knew that if they used Gipsy’s sword too soon, it would give the Kaiju Masters time to analyse and counter it. It’s better to try to take down the Kaiju with what they already know than to play your trump card too early. Pretty cool tbh.

Your RPG Class is: Gentleman Velociraptor.

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Lets be real here, this was the only answer I could ever get for this.

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