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I love this more than I should.


Things I should be proud of: Good health, good relationships, academic progress.

Things I am proud of: My collection of hundreds of precious often flawless gems which I have hurled into a trough in the house in windhelm on Skyrim.

You know this is actually the first time this post has actually come up on my dash other than when I’ve posted it. This is neat.

Man what always got me about maths homework was like, you know, they’d set like, a few “questions” as homework, and those questions would each contain like, 8-16 math problems each.

And it’s like, yeah sure, half the time, the amount of time it’d take me to figure them each out would be like…twenty, thirty seconds each,  the homework wasn’t figuring it out, it was writing it out, you had to do your working, you had to write out all the problems, and THAT was a bitch.

Like, you can say “these problems are super easy” as much as you like, but seriously, you just assigned four pages of hand writing to do. That shit’s gunna take a while, be mind numbingly boring and quite frankly is doing more to harm people’s willingness to do math than any goddamn “Work ethic” problems.

Cause surprise surprise, when you make math unpleasant, people find it unpleasant.

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The first one always gets me for all the little details, specially how Link seemingly tried to murder Ganondorf in his sleep.

Reblogging for grumpy dad Ganondorf.









a guide to some common and/or popular australian birbs by your friendly neighborhood australian 

emus always seemed more psychotic than stupid to me


Anything from Australia will onyl be nice to you only if you have food

except the cassowary, you stay the fuck away from those demons

Forgot to include this overly friendly bird known as the Magpie

These guys get super territorial every year during their 3-4 month mating season of death. They don’t just swoop - they kamikaze into their intended victim with precision and deadly accuracy! The bane of random passers by and cyclists everywhere.

Let’s not forget this rascal


The Spur-winged plover, aka a plover aka massive fuck bucket.

Every australian child’s worst nightmare. Nothing says spring like the fear that strikes your heart at the sight of open ground because thats where these bastards live. A slight warning squawk is all you’ll get before this motherfucker makes a strike run at the back of your head.  Sports fields, front lawns or the empty lot next to the Coles it doesn’t fucking matter, you got open space, you got these bastards waiting to make you and your dog duck and run or loose an eye.

Why is cassowary even here though? It’s not a bird. It’s a fucking velociraptor.



why are ghost movies always set in hospitals and jails. 

i want a ghost movie set in walmart.

“cleanup in aisle 13”

but there is no aisle 13

Supermarkets are reserved for zombie movies sorry, just like how camps are generally for supernatural serial killer movies.






The answer to that is so simple…. Cubone.

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Braixen. ⊙ω⊙

Either Gardevoir or Goodra. Zoroark is also a good choice. I don’t think I could decide.

Eevee. Absolutely and unquestioningly, Eevee. Who I suppose would eventually evolve into a Sylveon because I WOULD LOVE IT TO DEATH

Cyndaquill. not only is it the cutest thing ever but also it’s get to be Typlosion. scary yet cuddly. perfect.



Shoutout to Bioware for hiring four different actors to voice the Inquisitor in DA:I, which is more voice actors than Bethesda had for all of Skyrim. 


just found out that lucina’s dad is in fact for sale